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What is Converso?

Converso is an AI partner that lets you practice conversing naturally in various scenarios, such as going to the grocery store or planning a trip with a friend. You can use Converso by speaking or typing your messages. It also includes built-in tools that provide suggestions on how to respond and give context on specific phrases used.

Who is Converso for?

Converso is primarily designed to help intermediate language learners get conversational practice in a variety of settings. It does not provide basic vocabulary or grammar practice, as there are many other apps on the market that specialize in those areas.

Is Converso free to use?

Converso is an experimental project to see how AI can help people learn languages better. Currently, it is free but requires sign-up for more advanced features.

I found a problem with the speaking pronunciation

Converso relies on your web browser's built-in text-to-speech capabilities. Therefore, pronunciation accuracy differs depending on the platform you are using. We plan to address these inaccuracies in the future.

I found a mistake

Converso's AI model is trained on millions of conversations in dozens of languages. However, it's not perfect and can make seemingly silly mistakes. As language learners ourselves, we find the even though it's not perfect, Converso is still useful for everyday practice. If you find a mistake, please provide feedback on Discord.

Can I use Converso on my smartphone?

Yes, Converso is designed to be compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Simply access Converso through your web browser on your preferred device.

How to use Converso?

To use Converso, simply create an account on the website and choose the language you want to practice. The AI-powered system will provide virtual conversations to improve your language skills. You can engage in conversations with the AI, receive feedback on your pronunciation and grammar, and track your progress.

Converso's Core Features

Converso offers the following core features:
1. Language conversation practice
2. AI-powered conversations and feedback
3. Pronunciation and grammar evaluation
4. Progress tracking

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