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What is ai4spaces?

ai4spaces is an AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the design experience by helping users create their dream home effortlessly. With ai4spaces, users can generate houses, rooms, or renovations from an image upload, all within a single platform.

Revolutionize your design experience with ai4spaces - the AI-powered platform that helps you create your dream home with ease. Generate houses, rooms or renovations from an image upload - all within a single platform!

Design a New Room

Do you need design ideas for your home? ai4spaces allows you to design rooms to your liking and customize your room's layout, furniture, and decor.

Renovate a Room

Want to redesign your living room or bedroom? Simply upload an image and our AI-powered platform will generate a renovation tailored to your space.

Design a House

With ai4spaces, designing your dream house has never been easier. Simply input your preferences and generate a house design to suit your needs.

Or Create Your Own Interior Design Style

Explore the endless possibilities of AI-driven interior design to create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Let your imagination run wild, drawing inspiration from awe-inspiring landscapes, powerful emotions, and captivating movies.

How to use ai4spaces?

Using ai4spaces is simple. Users can start by signing up for an account and then choose from various design options such as designing a new room, renovating an existing room, or creating a house design. They can select from a wide selection of interior design styles or even create their own custom style. Users can also generate views from photos, 3D renders, or sketches, allowing them to visualize any building or space. The generated designs can be saved or upvoted for easy reference and inspiration.

ai4spaces's Core Features

The core features of ai4spaces include:
1. Designing rooms: Users can design rooms to their liking and customize layouts, furniture, and decor.
2. Renovating rooms: Users can upload an image of an existing room and AI will generate a renovation tailored to the space.
3. Creating house designs: Users can input their preferences and generate a house design to suit their needs.
4. Wide selection of styles: Users can choose from various interior design styles such as Art Deco, Bohemian, Contemporary, Scandinavian, and more.
5. Custom interior design style: Users have the option to create their own unique interior design style.
6. Generating views: Users can generate views from photos, 3D renders, or sketches, allowing them to visualize any building or space.
How does ai4spaces work?

ai4spaces is a platform that utilizes AI to generate architecture and interior designs. It employs GPT and Stable Diffusion, two of the most advanced AI models, to create houses, rooms, and renovations.

Does ai4spaces offer free generations?

Yes, ai4spaces provides 10 free credits upon signing up, which can be used to create designs. To generate additional images, you can choose to subscribe to our plans or purchase credit packages. Paid plans offer more advanced generation options, such as a wider variety of styles and room types, higher quality renders, landscape and portrait images, creation of custom styles. Designs created using free credits will be public, while those created using paid plans can be kept private.

What types of images can be generated with ai4spaces?

With ai4spaces, you can generate different types of architecture and interior design views, such as houses, living rooms, bedrooms, hotels, restaurants, and any other kind of space. Additionally, you have the option to upload an image and visualize how a renovation of it would look.

What is the cost of generating images with ai4spaces?

To generate an image, there is a variable cost ranging from 1 to 10 credits, depending on the rendering quality. Other advanced options, such as upscaling an image also incur a cost of 1 credit.

Can ai4spaces be used for professional purposes?

Yes, with our professional plans, architects, interior designers, and real estate agents can create stunning images and compelling descriptions to enhance their creative process or commercial activities.

How can payments be made on ai4spaces?

We have made it easy for our clients to pay for our services. We partner with Stripe, a reliable payment gateway, to handle all payment transactions and subscriptions.

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